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MyGarage invites you to join UAE’s largest platform with a gigantic network
of Services & Maintainence under one umbrella.

Delightful User Experience

Best user interface from Booking Services to Billing, an online application accessible on multiple platforms - PC, Laptop, Tablets & Smart Phones.

Artificial Intelligence

Suggestive selling as per the customers behaviour & their style choices.

Business Growth With Apps

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Customer Delight

Memberships, Wallets, Loyalty programs, Packages to get you the best of opportunities to stay in business.

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Book a service appointment

Get direct booking from the MyGarage App & start adding customers to your list of new clientele once you sign up with MyGarage.

Admit Customer

You can start taking bookings / appointments from anywhere & at any time of the day, with just a click of a button.

Schedule Bookings

Welcome to a world of resource management to find the perfect work-life balance. MyGarage helps you schedule/

reschedule or cancel appointments & bookings with ease & manage them seamlessly.

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Customer Retention

Connect with your clients, stay in touch, provide excellent customer service, get good reviews & eventually watch

your business grow.

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Electronic Payment System

Customers can make payments online & go cashless with an absolute secured payment system,

through MyGarage App. A hassle-free & an easy process to pay for the services availed.

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MyGarage offers numerous benefits for both garage owners and vehicle owners, making it a valuable tool for automotive enthusiasts and service providers.
Centralized Database

Single Database for all locations & Garages. Centrally located database for easy access, resulting in enhanced degrees of control & coordination.

Customer Listing

Customer records are stored centrally in the system and shared with all your garages, for customer to get a seamless experience.Everything

about their last visits, frequency of visits, their preferences, and whole profile.

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Manage Campaign

Run Campaigns throughout the network of garage and workshops, coupon codes, discounts which can be applied centrally. Issuance of coupons, discounted

packages, wallets, online payment and much more.

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Manage Globally

Multiple Garage business can be managed from the comfort of your home, or while you are on the road. A system designed to help

you monitor, manage and make your business accessible from anywhere, globally. Easy to use interface to Analyse, Understand and Control.

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MyGarage offers numerous benefits for both garage owners and vehicle owners, making it a valuable tool for automotive enthusiasts and service providers.

Increase Visibility

The app provides a platform for garage owners to showcase their services, making it easier for potential customers to discover and book appointments.

Improved Customer Retention

MyGarage enables garage owners to connect with customers, provide excellent service, and gather positive reviews, fostering customer loyalty.

Business Growth

Positive reviews and increased customer engagement can lead to business growth and increased revenue.

Time and Cost Savings

MyGarage automates many aspects of appointment management, saving time and reducing administrative costs.


Our Happy Clients

An Application that helps you reach out to customers from across UAE, get more visibility & it includes fantastic features such booking appointments, booking history, reports / analytics system, & best part is you can list for free. Also, sign up for a minimum annual charge to get more amazing benefits that were possible only in your dreams.